2018 Waste Management Winter RallySprint – February 17, 2018
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Press Notes #2 – Saturday morning

  1. The thermometer shot 10 degrees (F) last night, so there is hope that the dreaded mud will be frozen solid for most of day, with the high of 37 degrees not occurring mid-afternoon – well into the event. The frozen surface will limit the mud, but will mean that whatever ruts were on the course yesterday will be frozen ruts today.
  2. Jeremy Keck from Wellsboro has withdrawn from the event with his 1999 Subaru Impreza, citing the illness of his co-driver and prospective rough course conditions as his reasons. Jeremy was a tentative entry last week as he was working hard to get his car prepared for the event.
  3. The rally chairman has received a couple of calls from prospective last minute entries, so the current number (9 entries) might grow before the start of the event.
  4. The lack of snow on the ground has put a dent in the snow-based activities scheduled for this year’s Wellsboro Winter Celebration. Nevertheless, the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce is encouraging all to come to the Green today to partake in the activities that will take place, including the display of rally cars at 11:00 a.m. this morning.
  5. For those of you following the rally locally – especially those who will be at Waste Management spectating – here are the ham radio frequencies so you can set your scanners. They are listed in the order that our radio operators will test one they set up on the course later this morning. There were some noise issues yesterday on some of the frequencies, so the crew will try all three before they settle on the one that works best. The first two are normal STPR frequencies, with the third one a Simplex frequency.
  6. New entry as of Saturday morning: Vernon Cawley (driver) and Eamon Fallon – both from Yonkers, NY, in a Mitsubishi Evo 10, class R4U, car #32. The rallymaster has determined that they will be positioned sixth on the start list.
  7. Another TBD on the entry/start list now has a name. The co-driver for the #27 VW GTI is Jesse Apostolakes, from Greenfield, Penn.
  8. The STPR spectator area jump has been modified for this rally to meet the rallysprint rules that wheels do not leave the ground. The organizer has placed three hay bales (round) at the “jump” – one right at the peak and one 70 feet before and after the peak. After experiencing the changes yesterday, the hay bales got good reviews from the drivers, and there should be some good action for spectators to watch.

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