Competitor Bulletin #3
Waste Management Winter RallySprint 2017


Maximum Permitted Lateness (MPL) shall not exceed 30 minutes for the entire event, or 15 minutes lateness per stage.

MPL will be accumulated by exceeding the time allowance between two timing controls, the bogey (slow) time allowance for a special stage, or a combination of the two.

The penalty for exceeding MPL is exclusion from the event, this is also known as being Time Barred.

In no case may early arrival at controls be used as a means of reducing accumulated MPL.

Service time may be reduced by lateness time to facilitate the next stages. This will not reduce your accumulated MPL.

Exclusion for exceeding the maximum permitted lateness may be applied at any control or the end of the rally. It may also be applied by sweep.

The Maximum Permitted Earliness (MPE) for the entire event will be ten minutes.

Exceeding ten minutes earliness on transits will cause the competitor to be excluded from the event.