2016 Waste Management Winter RallySprint
February 20, 2016
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Press Notes #4 – Saturday late afternoon

  1. Fifteen cars finished stage #3, but at least one car broke down right after the finish of the stage, and is out of the rally.  #145 Tony Esposito/Phil Barnes Subaru Legacy broke on the transit on the way to service, and is out of event.  Even so, 15 cars started stage #4 as the #808 Rob Russo, which DNFed earlier in the event, is back running for experience, but will not be scored.
  2. Thirteen cars started stage five, the final stage for the event.  With the shortened service, the rally made up behind time and will finish on schedule.
  3. Car #60 Sebastian Gomez Abero/James Clark IV Subaru Impreza is off the road at the five mile mark on stage #4 with an engine issue – they are awaiting a tow.
  4. We have our first scores from stages one – three, and while the times are unaudited, unofficial, and with the addition of any penalties, here are the class leaders:
    • Jon Kramer/Jason Smith, Subaru Impreza, RallySprint 4WD Under – 44:37 – leader
    • Corey Corssan/Tony Deguiseppi, Subaru Impreza, RallySpring 4WD Over – 45:37 – leader
    • RallySprint 2WD over – no finishers
    • Derek James/Sergei Greshin, Ford Focus, RallySprint 2WD Under – 51:08 – leader
  5. Competitors have reported that, while the there is no more frozen parts of the course, the roads are very muddy, rutted, and wet.  Even so, 11 of the cars managed to finish the event, but two of the cars DNFed on the final stage.   Derek James/Sergei Greshin, Ford Focus, RallySprint 2WD Under class leader after three stages, grazed a tree 1.5 miles into #5, and damaged the car beyond repair.  Then, a couple miles down the stage, the #23 BMW of Alp and Ozhan Seyham went through a big standing water puddle, ingesting water into the engine.  After that, the car wouldn’t start and their day was over.
  6. The drivers, cars and officials are all headed back from the Waste Management facility to the Tioga County Fairgrounds for final scores, awards and banquet.  We’ll report on all of that as soon as we have the information.