2016 Waste Management Winter RallySprint
February 20, 2016
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Press Notes #3 – Saturday early afternoon – RallySprint start

  1. Four cars that were on the start list did not answer the bell to start the rally from the Wellsboro Green. They were the #53 Coffey/Brady Subaru; #60 Sherman/Cadieux Ford Escort, #145 Simsek BMW; and #26 Bromley/Banks Nissan. Thus, 18 cars started stage one.
  2. The icy/slushy/muddy conditions, which seem to change from corner to corner, have impacted the first stage as the following cars went off the course:
    –Car #16 Russ Norton/Tony Zanni went off only a couple hundred into the stage, causing suspension damage and causing the car to DNF.

    • Car #808 Bob Russo/Amber Wetzel VW Jetta also went out the course and could not continue.
    • Car #412 Alan Edwards/Daniel Baker also slid off the course, but got a tow and was able to continue.
    • Car #944 Charlie Tamaris/Matt James had a flat tire halfway through the stage, pulled off the stage, changed the tire and continued.
  3. Sixteen cars finished stage 1; 16 cars will start stage #2 at 1:57 pm. The weather is sunny and warm, very little wind, and 55 degrees F. We should get a report shortly on the spectator crown, but we have heard that there are lots of people there.
  4. First car on the course for stage #2, #945 of Klim Fedoff/Zsanett Fabian Mitsubishi Evo, had a flat tire halfway through the stage. The driver and co-driver changed the tire, and the car is on its way.
  5. Car #412 Alan Edwards/Daniel Baker is off the side of the road about five miles into stage 2 – changing a flat tire. The car was already behind the pack after its off on stage one.
  6. 16 cars finished stage #2.
  7. Stages one, two and three are running on the same road going the same way, with a 60-minute service following stage three. Then stages four and five will also be on the same road, but running in the opposite direction. We will have results for the first three stages in the next hour.
  8. Car #944 Charlie Tamaris/Matt James Porsche 944 had a punctured radiator from stage #2, and made it to the start of stage #3, but has now withdrawn from the event.
  9. The start of stage #3 has been delayed as one of the course-opening vehicles has lost its clutch and is stuck between turns four and five. They have been able to get their car off the course, and the driver is being picked up. The stage will start when that is completed.