2015 Waste Management Winter Rally

GARAGBLOGMEGAN (ponycargirl) | TheGarageBlog.com

Snowy winter rallies are not strictly the domain of Scandinavians – with some focused googling, you can find some winter rallies taking place in North America. Replete with fast cars sliding around turns, spectacular snow sprays, and adrenaline-junkie drivers and co-drivers, the only thing different is the small clutch of fans. However, the fans that did come to watch at the Waste Management Winter Rally (some family members of the teams and some spectators that came from two hours away simply to watch the rally) were truly hardcore, enduring the 9*F/-12.8*C temperatures of a cold snap and an afternoon of sometimes heavy snow…

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The Waste Management Winter Rally

WELLSBOROHOMEPAGE14 competitors battle the snow in woodland racing action!

ANDREW MOORE | WellsboroHomePage.com

The 4th Annual Winter Performance Rally was held on Saturday, February 21 on the property of its sponsor, Waste Management, Inc. A total of 14 competitors participated in the Rally America-sanctioned event. For more information on the competitors, you can visit WMWR.info.

Rallying is a form of auto racing that takes place on public or private roads with modified or specially built road-legal cars. This racing is distinguished by its point-to-point format in which participants and their co-drivers drive between set control points called special stages…[see complete story + videos at wellsborohomepage.com ]

ronschendorfShooting My First Rally Event: WMWR 2015

RON SCHENDORF | Kinja.com (Gawker Media)

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot various forms of motorsports over the years but I had never done any rally events. Since it’s quite popular among the hooning populous, I figured why not give it a try. A friend of mine has shot Global Rally Cross and fell in love with it. So we rented a car and headed out to Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, home to this year’s 2015 Waste Management Winter Rally hosted by Rally America… The following morning we headed out early to get credentials and nice yellow vests with ‘MEDIA’ on them. Then we traveled about ten miles up a mountain (insert snow starting to fall here) with a group of Subarus to make it to the rally location. We picked out a good spot to shoot photos of the cars making their way around Stage 1. The field was a pretty good mix…  [see complete story + photos ]