TUNING VELOCITY MOTORSPORTSAfter a successful debut of a brand new 2014 Ford Fiesta ST last year and earning a podium finish for both regional rallies at the Waste Management Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally® (STPR ®), Tuning Velocity Motorsports is back to try out some winter rallying.

TVM will return Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015, to race on some of the same roads from the June-based STPR, but in a completely different set of elements found in February—cold—which generally equates to snow and ice in north-central Pennsylvania. The Waste Management Winter Rally (WMWR) is run completely on private roads owned and donated for use by Waste Management.

Tuning Velocity Motorsports' Anthony Concha (left) and co-driver Mark Tisdel Jr. (right) took first in class at the 2014 Finger Lakes Regional Rally, part of STPR. (Courtesy of TVM)

Tuning Velocity Motorsports’ Anthony Concha (left) and co-driver Mark Tisdel Jr. (right) took first in class at the 2014 Finger Lakes Regional Rally, part of STPR. (Courtesy of TVM)

Although both driver Anthony Concha and co-driver Mark Tisdel have driven these roads before, other than the national Sno*Drift Rally, held annually in Atlanta, Michigan, WMWR is the only other Rally America-sanctioned event run in the snow and ice.

“The stages that we’ll be running in are very technical and fast,” Concha said. “Adding the possibility of snow, ice and frigid weather adds unique elements to this rally.”

The 2015 rally season started a little different than most.  TVM’s car was on display at the Philadelphia International Auto Show from January 31 – February 8 thanks to Carlisle Events. This allowed the team to engage and interact with others from their native city.

“The idea was simple, show that Philadelphia is more than a stick-and-ball city,” Concha explained. “The effect was multiplied when the show broke attendance records of 252,000-plus, the second most attended show in its 114-year-old history.”

In addition to the WMWR, the team has committed to run the entire 2015 Rally America Eastern Regional Championship. TVM continues its relationship with automotive engineering company Cobb Tuning, performance parts supplier JSC Speed and Ford Performance for the season and Concha credited all as being influential in the team’s success.

“Our goal is to be patient, take care of our equipment, minimize mistakes and capitalize when we can,” Concha said. “Two-wheel-drive entries outnumber the field, we just want to be competitive and finish.”

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Photo: Tuning Velocity Motorsports fought and won a podium finish at last year’s STPR event. (Attention 2 Details Photography)